This web page is a list of Court Activity and reflects a majority of the experience I have in court, however to view the most recent and updated file please download a pdf version that is updated every six months.

As of May 1, 2008:

The following is a list of court/deposition activities (private and crime laboratory) that I have testified in since 1995 organized by court system. Previously, I have testified approximately 30 times from 1980 through 1994.

Please note that the testimony is ranked in chronological order by Court Systems.

United States Federal Court, EDNY, 1995 Judge Wexler (handwriting)

United States Federal Court, EDNY, 2003, Judge Wexler
Docket #CV00-4326 Coplan et al v. County of Suffolk

United States Federal Bankruptcy Court, EDNY, 1995, Judge Cyganowski (Handwriting)

United States Federal Court, SDNY, Judge Koeltl (handwriting)
S5 97 CR 108 United States v. SZUR (defense)

United States Federal Court, EDNY, 6/2001 Judge Hurley CV98-0292 (handwriting)

New York State Supreme Court - Suffolk County:

Judge Henricks, Homicide 4/15,16/08 I# 2045-07 ADA Clifford

Judge Hudson, 3/19,20/2008 I# 539/2007 Identity Theft (Handwriting) ADA Pearl

Judge Jones, JJJ, Kidnapping, 11/19/07, I#3033-06, ADA Moroff, Lab 06-8771

Judge Henricks, Homicide 10/4,5/2007 I# 932A-06 ADA Schwartz

Judge Mullen,M Homicide 3/13/07, I#1838-2006, Atty McElwee (defense witness)

Judge Emerson Forgery 11/28/06 I# 04-24007 Atty Pittman (Handwriting)

Judge Crecca Homicide 11/14/06 ADA O’Donnell I# 1466/06

Judge Henricks Rape 10/16/06 I# 2032/05 ADA Abbate (Handwriting)

Judge Costello Forgery 3/10/06 Index # 259673/99 Atty Loglisci (civil) (Handwriting)

Judge Crecca Homicide 1/24/06 ADA Kelly I# 2882.04

Judge Crecca Homicide 11/05 ADA Brosco I#2459-03

Judge Hudson Forgery 10/20/05 Attorney Robert Ross (Civil) (Handwriting)

Judge Olig Homicide 11/5,8/04 ADA Merrifield, 1470A-03

Judge Henricks Homicide 6/7/0404 ADA Merrifield

Judge Weber Homicide 5/19/04 ADA Kelly

Judge Doyle Homicide 5/15/04 ADA Brosco

Judge Olig Homicide 3/8/04 ADA Merrifield

Judge James Hudson Homicide 278/02, 10/3/02

Judge Tisch Forgery (Handwriting)

Judge Rohl Forgery (Handwriting)

Judge Mullen Homicide 811ABCD 95 (Handwriting) ADA Timmons

Judge Weber Forgery (Handwriting)

Judge Seidel civil (Signatures) (Handwriting)

Judge Seidel Signature, Crispino v. Greenpoint Bank, Index No. 3244/01 8/01 (civil) (Handwriting)

Judge Cacciabaudo Attempted Murder DA Family Crimes 9000106/96

Judge Cacciabaudo Bank Robbery Note, Attempt Murder #95-9262 (Handwriting)

Judge Cacciabaudo Attempted Murder/Rape 29754/96

Judge Weber Armed Robbery ADA James Charilifoux 18523/97 (Handwriting) - Homicide ADA Janet Albertson 1324-2000 6/02

Judge Copertino Insurance Fraud Felony ADA Neil Freidman I# 1877-98 A+B
Def. Atty: Kevin Cummings (Handwriting, Common Machine Copier Source) 10/99

Judge John Mullin Homicide, #1043-98, People v. Kenneth Payne

Suffolk County District Court:

Judge Wm. Rebolini, Assault (Handwriting) Index No. 2000-SU013644, People vs. Hector Feliciano, ADA Caputo, 3/02

Judge T. Bean, Domestic Violence (Handwriting) Docket # 2005 SU 21229 Peo. v. Klaus, ADA Corbois 1/2007

New York State Supreme Court-Richmond County
Special Referee - Peter DeLizzio, Part:SR3 50853/06, (Handwriting) 10/24/07
Atty: Brown, Atty: Worms

New York State Supreme Court-Kings County
Judge Cutrona #4420/95 Drew Tallis, Wilson Forgery, Plaintiff (3/17/99)
Pt 35 (Handwriting)

New York State -Supreme Court, County of New York (12/17/99)
Judge Harold Tompkins, Index # 101759/95 Broadwhite Associates v. Dr. Mac Truong & Maryse Truong (Handwriting )

New York State -Supreme Court, County of Bronx
Judge Bowman, Index No. 21762/86, Part 15 Abel Pacheco v. NYCTA, (10/2000) (Handwriting)

Judge Globerman, Index No. 19X01918-2002, Part DV, Delroy Fleming (Handwriting) ADA Roth, Marise Robergeau (testify for defense) 2/03

New York State -Supreme Court, County of Queens (9/02)
Judge Dorsa, Index No. 027079/2000, Part 51 Harris v, Harris (Handwriting)

New York State -Supreme Court, County of Queens (Long Island City)
Judge Joseph Risi, Index No. 28566/01, Trial Term Part 32 6/1/2005
Stanley Kamamis adv. Elias Leckas (Handwriting) Atty: Martin Kroll

New York State -Supreme Court, County of Suffolk (5/02)
Justice Cohalan, Index No. 2000-02568, Trial Part (Handwriting)
Loucopoulos v. 482 Mill Road Associates, Inc.

New York State District Court-Hempstead, Landlord/Tenant
Judge Bergstein, SP05633/96, Pollack v. Romanelli, Atty Adges, Pollack pro se (Handwriting)

New York State 5 th District Court - Ronkonkoma, Landlord-Tenant
Judge William Blake III, ISLT 01-0000302, Estate of Gary Ufier v. Weidner (Handwriting)

New York State Bronx Civil Court
Index No. 16971BCV97 Part 19A Judge Rosen (9/99) (Handwriting )
Index No. 039062 Part 52 Hon Howard Sherman (10/2001)
Reyes v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. (Handwriting)

New York State -Supreme Court, County of Nassau
Justice Mahon, IAS Part 13, Index # 77696/03, Atty: Ira Newman
Hafiz Maboob v. Pandi Mukund, Pharti Mukund, Gopal Desai and Sukeshi Desai 10/06 (Handwriting)

Nassau County Surrogate’s Court
File # 306090, Estate of Nicholas Fromigia (Handwriting)
Attorney Gary Oberlander

Suffolk County Surrogate’s Court,
Judge Czygier Jr. Estate of Madeline Smith 5/02 Attorney Robert Boucher (Handwriting)

Queen’s County Surrogate’s Court Probate Part,
Estate of Jane Ricca 10/25/05 Atty. Stephen Hand, (Handwriting)

New York State - Supreme Court, Richmond County, Court Appointed ,
Hon.Barbara Panepinto Index # 50853/2006 2/8/07 (handwriting)

Superior Court of New Jersey, County of Morris,
Probate Part, Estate of Charles Pacinella Jr. Justice Stanton, Attorney Edward Evans 6/2001 (Handwriting)

State of Connecticut:

Superior Court of Connecticut, Judicial District of Waterbury
Judge Gormley, Estate of John Vieira Jr. 7/04 Docket No. 02-0172366s (Handwriting)
Denna Vieira, PPA v. Ann C. Vieira, et al

Superior Court of Connecticut, Judicial District of Danbury at Danbury
Hon. Sandra Leheny, Debra Sickel Pardee v William Wilson Jr., 2/13/08
Docket No.06-5001018, Attorney Merri Hawley, (Handwriting)


Hearing, Judge Whelan, Index 01-29552 6/02 Atty: John Stravato (Handwriting)

NASD Arbitration #96-03323 (Handwriting)

American Arbitration Association (Commercial Mediation Div) 13-M-174-987-98 St. Irene - Chrisovalantou Greek Monastery against Cigna Company (DEF) (Handwriting/Document dating)

American Arbitration Association 50 148T 00073 06 2/28/08
Waxfield Ltd. vs. Bank Julius Baer & Co., LTD
Handwriting, Line sequence

Arbitration, Suffolk County Attorney’s Office, Ms. Townley-Arbitrator (Handwriting)

Consultant to CBS 60 Minutes II, Associate Producer T. Sean Herbert 2/11/2000
Air Date: Pending, (Handwriting, Alteration/Obliteration)


Standard Charter Bank v. National Heritage Ins. Co. (JHL118343)12/17/98 (Handwriting)

State of Florida v. Pamela Creedon, case # 97-4699-CF-A
American Business Forms (NY) v. American Business Forms (MN), Civil Action No. 00CV1769, 5/02

Boudreau vs. Town of Greenwich, Civil Action 04 CV 1471 (PCD) USDC, District of CT 5/22/06 (handwriting)


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