Experience Counts.

Examinations performed:

  • Handwriting identification

  • Genuine writing vs. Forgery determination

  • Medical and Business records examined for insertions, altered entries, page substitutions, erasures and deletions

  • Indented impressions

  • Typewriter comparison

  • Print process determination, counterfeit document detection

  • Fax machine indicia, make and model determination (printed Header information)

  • Photocopy examination (common source determination)

  • Non-Destructive Ink analysis/differentiation

  • Altered and Obliterated writing

  • Charred document examination and visualization

  • Water damaged document examination

  • Shredded paper reconstruction

  • Examination of paper, rubber stamps and embossing seals to determine source, authenticity and date of production

Other miscellaneous examinations that my 32+ years of crime laboratory experience (Illinois and New York) as a Full Time Forensic Document Examiner have encountered.

Court Qualified in State and Federal Courts (over 80 times)

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Jeffrey H. Luber

Employed, since 1984, by a large New York area civilian governmental Crime Laboratory as a
Full Time Forensic Document Examiner

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